Commercial Locksmith Services

Every office and commercial property needs protection from criminals, whether by hiring security guards or giving each employee a set of keys. However, technological evolution means you no longer have to rely on outdated safety methods. Most businesses nowadays use advanced systems for improved security.

At AZ Access Control, we provide commercial locksmith services in Arizona to offer your building maximum protection. We know that every client has different security needs. That’s why we take the time to understand your requirements and offer optimal keyless entry solutions for your business. Whether you need a single lock on the front door or multiple installations throughout the building, we can provide quick service without error and offer peace of mind you seek. Don’t risk your employees’ security with incorrect wiring. Work with our experts instead and make your commercial property unassailable.

What’s included?

• Electronic locks
• Magnetic locks
• Electrified/non-electrified push bars
• Electric strikes